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Question LJ Talk

Posted on 2014.10.18 at 15:05
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How many of my friends are using this new LJ Talk? Which thing did you download and how did you get it to work? I have downloaded all of them on the list and I can't get any of them to even get past the register part. What am I doing wrong???

*edit* Never mind! Got it working. So, I am now on the LJ Talk thingie. Shoot me a message so we can chat!


Request For Help From My Old Writing Friends

Posted on 2014.10.18 at 13:39
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Wow! How amazing! It is an actual post from me! I'M ALIVE!!!! Okay, now on to the serious stuff:

This is a request for help from all my friends that I know from when I was writing. I know that was a long time ago. I have a paper due in World Lit I and I really need help. I have to write a story that would go into "The Thousand and One Nights". What I need from my old writing friends is a bit of help like we used to do when we were writing for each other. I need either a prompt like we used to give each other, or a song like some of you used to give me. I don't want anyone to tell me what to write, so no "a merchant accidentally kills a demon's son and finds a way to get out of getting killed in return". *for those of you that don't know, that is actually one of the stories in "The One Thousand and One Nights"* I think that doing that would be cheating. I just need that little boost to get my inspiration going like we used to do.
As a thank you for the help, if you guys want me to, I will post the story after I turn it in. I don't want to chance getting accused of plagiarism, since I have to turn it in to a site that checks for this, so I will post it a couple days after I turn it in. It isn't due for a week or two.
Please and thank you and I love you all. Remember, there are no stupid or silly prompts. The thing you think won't work usually does.


My day just keeps getting worse

Posted on 2013.06.14 at 18:09
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
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My complaints of 11 hours ago are pointless now.

About two hours ago, I was sitting on the bed, checking my emails and arguing with my four year old about the television, when Becca came in and asked me to take her to the store as she didn't want to drive. So I grabbed the booster seat from my car, put it in hers, grabbed my four year old and my wallet and off we went. I checked on Dunn to make sure that he wasn't whining or tangled up again before we left. He was fine, laying out in the shade on the cool stones of the creek bank. He had food and water. Off we went. We were gone about an hour to an hour and a half. We come back and bring everything in, taking my four year old to the room and checking that his show was on.

Chris and Robert call me to the kitchen and tell me that they think something is wrong with Dunn. He wasn't moving and there were flies all over him. We head down to him. I don't want to go. I know what I am going to see. I was right. My baby, my beautiful dog, my DunnDunn is dead. Surprisingly I keep it together the entire time we are down there, except for my anger at Chris when he keeps saying that these things happen and a few other things that made me want to slap him. I haven't actually cried yet. I have teared up, but I haven't actually cried. I figure that will happen at the most inopportune time.

Never mind. Think I am going to curl up in bed for a while and sob my eyes out. This fucking sucks. He was one of my babies, just as much as my actual kids are. I want to know what happened. I want to kill whoever might be responsible. I want my baby back!


Alive and... well? I'm alive anyway

Posted on 2013.06.14 at 06:48
Current Location: A corner of the floor
Current Mood: grumpygrumpy
Current Music: The sound of my husband's snores
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It is 6:30 in the morning and I haven't slept. I am sitting on a pillow in the floor of a bedroom that is barely bigger than my king sized bed (no exaggeration!), wedged by the door, while the husband and 4 year old snore away. Why am I here? Because my landlord decided to freak out and be a dick. We pay our rent months... MONTHS in advance. He has told us repeatedly that we are the BEST renters he has ever had. We may not be the cleanest people, but the house isn't a pig sty or a hoarder's paradise. Yes, we have pit bulls, but they are the best behaved dogs on the street. Yes, we have cats, but they go potty outside. There are bugs, but they were there when we moved in. He wouldn't do anything about them, so we dropped $650 to get Terminex to come every month (before you freak, we prepaid so we don't have to worry for the next year). Not once has he fixed a single thing we have told him about. We have a list of items that he should have fixed, but didn't, and another list of things that we fixed with our own money. But yet, when we are late on rent ONE TIME, he loses his shit and starts talking eviction. And so, we are now staying at a friend's house. I had to get rid of Loki (a friend that wanted him from day one got him. I am kicking myself for not giving him to that guy when he offered me $300 for him) and some strangers happened by at the perfect time and took Sadie off my hands. I still need to find a way to get rid of three cats. I refuse to get rid of Dunn, but if we end up having to move into an apartment, I will have no choice. That makes me want to cry.

But, on a positive note, while we are here, I have internet access. So I will try not to disappear for a while. I might keep everyone updated on the house/apartment/hole-in-the-ground search.

Baby update: I can't remember if I stated on here or not, but I am pregnant again. This will be pregnancy number five and baby number four. I am about 8 months along, due August 2nd. Yes, I am going through this crazy move while super pregnant. I had an ultrasound done a while back, and guess what! It is supposed to actually be a girl this time! I don't know what to think about that. Ugh. All that pink... *shudders in horror*


I am still alive

Posted on 2013.01.14 at 11:38
Current Location: Northark CCC
Current Mood: weirdweird
*flails wildly*
LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! I'M STILL ALIVE! NOT A ZOMBIE! *pokes arm* Um... I don't think I'm a zombie... *thinks* Nope, no uncontrollable craving for brains or human flesh at the moment. Though I would kill for some green grapes right about now. 

I haven't been on here in over a month, and I wasn't about to try to go through over 200 entries in my inbox. I deleted everything without looking through them, so if anyone said anything important in the past month and a half, please please please message me to let me know. 

Many things have happened in the past couple months. I will get to telling you all about them later. My second class will be starting soon, so I am not going to get into it all right at the moment. 

I want you all to know that I miss you and love you guys lots and lots and hope to talk to you all soon. *passes out cookies and hugs to all*



I'm Still Alive...

Posted on 2012.08.12 at 19:21
Current Location: At Work
Current Mood: geekygeeky
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I haven't been on here, I haven't been on Twitter, I haven't really been anywhere. I am trying to keep up with my emails, but that is about it. But... I am super excited, so thought I would do a quick update to let everyone know what is going on.

IN A LITTLE OVER 7 DAYS I GO TO BUY MY SCHOOL BOOKS! Next Monday, I get to drive to South Campus where the campus book store is and get my books! I am so freaking excited, I am about to explode! I can't freaking wait to get my hands on those books. And then one week after that, is my first class! YAAAAAAY!!!!!

I swear, no one should be this excited about school! Not even my 8 year old is this excited, and we have to threaten him to keep him from getting into his backpack. Granted, he is counting down the days, same as me (he starts school the same day I go to get my books), but he isn't ready to explode about it. LoL Yeah, I'm a freak. 

That is all. You can go back to your normal, sane lives now.


I AM OFFICIALLY A STUDENT! And a few other things...

Posted on 2012.06.14 at 01:55
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Warning: Not going to mess with trying to figure out if I remember the cut code correctly. You are all used to that by now with me, right?

I said at the end of my last post that I was going to do this. It is just a bit late. 

So, I am officially a college student now! Took me 11 years, but I made it! It isn't anywhere near what I envisioned myself doing when I was still in school, but what are you going to do? I am way too old to be able to do what I wanted to do, and by the time I got all the degrees, I would be too old to start out in the business. For those of you that don't know, when I was in school (read: from the time I was in fourth grade), I wanted to be an archaeologist. I also wanted to get a degree in linguistics and a few other things that would help in the field. So, yeah, I would be like 45-50 years old by the time I was done with school and ready to go out. Way too old to be digging in the dirt in some remote area. No one would want to deal with me since most people that age have plenty of experience under their belt. Besides, there are no good departments in this area that I know of, and I can't uproot my family for something I can't guarantee I will be able to use successfully. So...

I decided that I would go for an English degree and said what the hell, why not get a Business Management one while I am at it. I can use that! It STILL didn't work out how I planned. 

I finally got the letter telling me that my Pell Grant was accepted and the money was there. I filed for that MONTHS ago. Before I even got my grades back from my GED. I was applying for my GED Honor's Scholarship when I went in and took my ACT. A few weeks later, I got a letter saying that I qualified and got an ACT Scholarship. Cool. No more letter to the Scholarship Committee. I was stressing over that letter like mad. Sweet! Scholarship and Grant in, Acceptance Letter in, I am good to go! So, I borrow the coworker's scooter (yeah, did I mention that the Tahoe broke down YET AGAIN!) and scooted my butt to Harrison. Loooooong ride. But fun. I get in there, play around on Twitter announcing what I am doing, and bounce excitedly in my seat. 

Then I find out that I can't get an English degree at NorthArk. NorthArk is a two year year college and they only offer the beginnings of a Bachelor's in English there and I would have to transfer to a four year college to complete it. Well fuck. Fine. I still get to take an English course. So, I am taking strictly Business Management. But... I AM A COLLEGE STUDENT AND I AM GETTING AN AWESOME DEGREE THAT I CAN ACTUALLY USE! Kick ass!

Classes start August 27th for the Fall semester. I managed to look up all the classes available at the Berryville campus and managed to get enough classes to cover my 15 hour requirements. I really didn't want to have to go to Harrison for classes yet. Unfortunately, it looks like I will have to go to Harrison for my Winter semester. But, I should have reliable transportation by then *crosses fingers* so that is okay.

My classes for the Fall semester are:

Intro to Business
Intro to Info Tech (taking this one online. Have to do a three hour orientation online before I am accepted. Will be doing that next week, I figure)
English Comp I (WOOO!)
Principles of Marketing
Human Resource Management

I was going to take Human Relations this semester, it looks really interesting, but it threw my entire schedule off, so I am taking Intro to Info Tech this semester and will take Human Relations next semester. 

I about pissed myself when I saw the price tag for some of my books! My gods! My packet for Intro to Info Tech is $159.95. $121.56 if I am lucky and can find one without the plastic binding it all together. The rest are in the $60 to $70 range. And some, like English Comp I, have multiple books I have to buy. I put what I could find on my wish list on paperbackswap.com, but I doubt they will come through. There are a couple professors that are having books printed for them right now, so we don't know how much they are going to cost and there is no chance of getting them cheaper online or elsewhere. Will HAVE to buy them from the campus book store. But! I found out from the nice lady in the store that my Pell Grant covers all supplies bought at the campus book store. That means that I can get the fancy, pretty awesome pens that they have there and just tell them to charge it to my account! No hunting for them somewhere else. They have some great pens and highlighters there. So pretty... *falls into happy pen fantasy*

*ahem* Yes, you should all know by now that I not only have a book fetish but a pen and marker one as well. 

So... it is official. I even have a Student ID already! Lookie! 



Just for the heck of it...

Posted on 2012.06.12 at 21:40
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Snagged from popkin16 because I am curious about what people will ask me.

Ask me any of the following and I will try to answer:

Show: ______ or _____?
Character: _____ or _____?
Pairing: _____ or _____?
Anything: _____ or _____?

I will probably post an entry about my adventure today, but not right now.


2:15 in the morning...

Posted on 2012.06.04 at 02:22
Current Location: Sitting on MY BENCH outside at work
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: HIM - For You
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Between catching up on my sleep, being injured (IT STILL HURTS, DAMMIT!!!) and work, work and more work, I haven't had a chance to get back to the story I am writing. Yep, like my Amy, I am going back to the beginning and writing Lauri/Amy. I am so excited! But yeah, started and got caught up in work and getting my car back (two days and still running, cross your fingers) and trying to actually catch up on that week that I couldn't go home and sleep in my bed, the story for my Amy got put aside. So...

2:15am, 20oz can of Red Bull, cigarettes, For You blaring in one ear, rain falling down, and Mara is sitting outside with Word open. I am one part crazy excited and one part scared that it will turn out as rambly and hard to understand as this post.

Let's hope the excited wins out...


Job Security Is a Joke

Posted on 2012.04.22 at 22:55
Current Location: At work
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Last Wednesday, I come into work at 7:30, like normal. My coworker and I do the usual rundown: this room did that, that room needs this, blah blah blah. At 10 minutes 'til 8, when my coworker is scheduled to leave and I am to come on, the bosses show up looking really serious. Fred, for once, isn't all smiles. I sit down and look between my bosses, wondering what is going on, and they drop the world's biggest bomb on us.

I have been at this job for seven years. Since day one, I knew that the hotel has been on the market. But since the price is just shy of a million dollars (no joke. $999,000.00), and hundreds of people have come to look at it, I never took it seriously. Someone would come to look at the place and I would laugh and roll my eyes. But everything has changed. Some couple from Dallas, TX have bought the place. On April 30th, they will officially take over the hotel. Fred and Sandy will stay for 10 days after that to train them.

The new owners say they want to keep everything the same. Same employees and everything. That they want to go camping, and vacations and whatnot. That they aren't going to be staying at the hotel for long, just until they get a house or something here. That we don't have to worry about it.

I call bullshit. Things are going to change drastically. Fred and Sandy won't be here. Gina won't be here every weekend. Tim won't be coming up every Sunday. The new owners don't know the bullshit my coworker does that I have to fix. Hell, apparently, my coworker has been talking shit about me for MONTHS! Lying and saying that she constantly has to come in here and fix my mistakes, that I don't do the laundry or the dishes or anything else. That she has to do everything behind the desk because I either don't do it at all or mess it all up. I just love how everything she mentions is exactly everything that I have complained about for YEARS about her. Save the part about the dishes. I admit that I don't do the dishes in the morning. *snort* Oh boohoo. She has to wash a couple coffee cups. Fucking whiny bitch.

But, of course, the new owners came in on my day off and she got to talk them up for about half an hour. So she got to make herself look good, and nothing I say will matter. She has been here, wrapping the old owners around her little finger for 13 years. Nothing I say is going to make anything any better.

So, my job security is down the drain and I don't know what the fuck I am going to do. I am supposed to start school in the fall. Where am I going to find a job that I can work around my school schedule. It was perfect here. School during the day, work at night. At the very least, they are going to cut my hours like mad. They won't want someone here all night if they are here. So I am going to have to get a second job at the least, and that is going to kill my class hours.

WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO DO?! I want to slap my bosses right now. New or old ones, don't really care right now.

*snort* I find it strangely funny that I just now realized... I have no clue what the new owners' names are.

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